‘We at Teejay strive to engage in all measures to protect Mother Nature, our people and society. In this journey we will work closely with all our partners to make sustainable development a reality, to create a better world.’

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the Teejay promise, with the company engaging in several large scale community projects. We have now broadened our philosophy to embrace the larger concept of sustainability. Going beyond CSR, our commitments
have expanded to include economical and environmentally conscious development. With the aim of knitting a sustainable future, we have undertaken initiatives in the following areas.
Climate Control
At Teejay, we have gained considerable ground in helping to conserve natural resources and reduce carbon footprint by implementing internal projects. These aim to control energy and power consumption through effective controls in generators, compressors and AV chillers. It also includes performing flash steam recovery to limit energy loss.
Waste Management
As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, all factory-generated effluent is treated in a two-stage process. Firstly, the effluent is treated chemically in the factory treatment section, and thereafter it is discharged into the investment zone effluent treatment system, where it undergoes biological treatment. Waste water is also treated similarly and waste heat is recovered by way of plate heat exchange.

Further, we use recycled raw material cotton products and re-processed raw material white and grey yarn. Packing material and polythene packs are also reused.
Sustainable Raw Materials
We are pioneers in the use of sustainable raw materials, including:
  Fair trade cotton
  Organic cotton
  Soya bean fibre
  Man-made eco friendly fibre
Fair Partner
Our partners can be proud of us because at Teejay we engage in Fair Trade practices, and subscribe to the international Social Accountability standards under the SA 8000 declaration.

We are also the first mill in the region to provide our partner Marks & Spencer with BETTER COTTON, thus becoming a strong ally in their sustainability programme.
Caring Employer
As an employer, we strive to maintain mutually satisfying relationships with all our employees. Thus, we engage in continuous training and development, regularly monitor the work environment, provide annual health checks for employees and supply protective equipment to all our factory workers. Further, we regularly conduct awareness programmes to maintain internal health and work safety.
Caring Corporate Citizen
Teejay takes great pride in supporting and lending a helping hand to the community in building a sustainable future for us all. From large scale humanitarian assistance projects such providing volunteer services and financial assistance for rebuilding Tsunami-struck homes, renovation of the Avissawella base hospital to supporting and maintaining the mentally handicapped children at
Jayaviru Sevana, the employees take a hands-on approach in all these projects to help bring a smile to the faces of our community.

In recognition of our commitment to our People, Planet and Partners, our achievements have been rewarded:
  Sri Lanka's first 'Green Report' award for the year 2011
   National HR Award in 2010 Silver award
  National Energy Efficiency Award in 2010 for large scale manufacturing plants
  SA8000 certification for Social Compliance
  National Safety Award in 2008
  OEKO Tex Certificate since 2007
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