06 February 2012

In its journey in re-engineering the future of fabrics Teejay launches its latest well- being collection in February 2013 targeting its main men's wear buyer, Marks and Spencer the T 14 - men's brief collection on the 6th of February at Rathmalana. The new buyer from T 14 category was at Brandix Lanka on 6th of February and Teejay was able to unveil its latest collection starting off the year with a grand launch collaboratively done with Brandix Lanka.This was developed with the intention of supporting the PLAN A initiative of Marks and Spencer. Teejay continuously pledges its support on the PLAN A and hope to become M&S leading PLAN A supplier by year 2015.

The latest collection named 'Transcend - to transform your life' has 3 main categories which address sentiments of keeping a fresh and healthy skin while wearing caring fabrics. The three products are,

Heat up in cool ...Soft and soothe, freshens all day,

Stain-free: clean, pure, spotless...

soft, soothe, relief, healthy, and calming.

Teejay hope to introduce its latest collection to main Mens wear customers like DIM , FILA and Calvin Klein in near future.