Teejay (formerly know as textured jersey) is renowned for the production of superior quality knit fabrics. The company is history goes back nearly half a century, when its British roots gave it a solid grounding in the textile industry. Teejay saw ownership change hands in the year 2000 and this modest operation entered a new era in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s bustling, manufacturing and export driven approach has spurred rapid growth and economic development. Combined with its rural charm and scenic landscapes, this makes Sri Lanka an ideal setting for Teejays advanced and dynamic manufacturing facility. The factory is strategically located 55 km from the metropolis of Colombo. Teejay Lanka PLC is a Public Limited Liability Company with two of the best brands in the industry as major shareholders, Pacific Textiles and Brandix Lanka. Pacific Textiles is a Hong Kong based company with one of the largest manufacturing facilities in China. Having mastered the art of fabric making, Pacific Textiles provides Teejay with extensive support in Research and Development as well as manufacturing expertise. Brandix Lanka is the country’s largest apparel exporter servicing the world’s finest brands, and partners Teejay as a strategic link in the supply chain. The company acquired Teejay India private Limited d( formerly know as Ocean India Private Limited ) and Teejay Lanka Prints Private Limited ( formerly known as Quenby Lanka) in 2015 further consolidating its strategic regional presence. With the acquisions in place, ready to take on the demands of the global market place, the management decided to further consolidate as a Group, by embarking on a rebranding exercise. In October 2016 November, the company emerged with a new brand name 'Teejay.'
Our Direction
At Teejay, we aspire to become an innovative world-class knit fabric solutions provider who is the region’s largest. These lofty aspirations are built upon some fundamental pillars which we hold dear as we journey ahead. At the heart of everything, we believe in developing a deep customer centric understanding of global fashion trends and the required value propositions, which we consciously strive to deliver at the desired expectations. At the core of our service lies Speed which will be driving us in all that we do to give an incomparable experience to our customers. The journey to bring inspiration and value to our stakeholders, can only be through engaging in ethical business practices. For us, respecting and protecting the environment is essential, and so Sustainability has become a way of life. Environmental consciousness is ingrained into the conduct of our business. To these ends, and in our efforts to deliver Operational Excellence, Quality and On-Time Delivery, we will keep growing and developing our team competencies and skill sets.

At the core, we believe in bringing cutting edge Innovation to the selected customers we focus on. We continue to invest and bring organizational alignment to support this thrust, with the hope of bringing excitement and prosperity to the entire industry. Partnerships are things we actively seek, and we drive our resources to harvest these combined synergies. Continued investment in technology and active focus on process improvements and wastage reduction, lie at the core of our efforts to continually deliver Cost Efficacy.

This is the new identity of Teejay. Modern and futuristic, yet embracing the goodness of a rich heritage which is built upon shared values, discussion and consultation. These collective energies will help us journey towards becoming one of the Top of the Mind Brands in South Asia