TJL firmly believes that Sri Lanka’s Textile Industry should grow parallel to Sri Lanka’s Apparel industry. This provides the context for the Win - win partnerships we have initiated with Sri Lanka’s leading academic and other textile affiliated institutions which will promote innovation in terms of products, design and service .

We believe supporting key institutions such as schools and religious institutions in the area is important for the vital role the play in molding societies and future generations. And thus, identifying needs and ways in which we can support and develop infrastructure for schools, hospitals and religious institutions in the surrounding area spanning a radius of about 5 Kms from the factory premises is a priority in our CSR agenda. In addition, the company maintains a solid relationship with different societies, and engage with them frequently and support their activities which benefit the people in the area. Our engagement with the neighborhood also encompasses initiatives to nurture and uplift the natural environment in our area which is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Environmental protection through preservation and cleaning are amongst them. TJL will also initiate programmes which combines income generation opportunity for the community with the objective of making the surroundings cleaner by establishing the collection of household wastage and establishing collecting centres

Reach Beyond
We believe that concern for people must begin at home, and at TJL we support our team of employees who are our biggest strength, in numerous ways to uplift their standards of living and quality of life, mainly through the ‘Reach Beyond’ program
Environmental Foot Print
Two key focus areas: Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and waste management. GHG control includes raising stakeholder awareness, Reforestation, Afforestation, engaging with environmental movements like WNPS, Rainforest Protectors, and related resource saving projects. Waste Management with long term horizons, involving the participation of community in our neighborhood who are also the key beneficiaries of our CSR initiatives.

In line with the World Environment Day 2013, Teejay initiated a new - innovative program involving 4 leading schools in the Avissawella area to commemorate June 5th in a more meaningful note. The intention of the program was to create responsible future citizens in taking care of the environment. The program is named as "to earth, with love" where 125 fruit plants were distributed among 4 schools. The plants were distributed among 125 selected school children in grade 7 and 8. It is expected that the individual schools and the assigned students to take care of the plant for an year, and this will be scrutinized during the subsequent Environment Day (05/06/2014). TJL will select 5-10 best students who cared the trees more and they will receive a gift of appreciation for been responsible citizen or a field visit. The plants were taken from Gannoruwa Agri research Centre. The program was held on Tuesday the 18th June among a large gathering of schools and community. The company believes that this is a timely initiative which would help the future generation to realize of been responsible of the environment.