Success Story - Marks & Spencer - Our Partners - Teejay
Success Stories
Teejay and Marks and Spencer go back over 40 years
Each year Marks & Spencer, the leading British retailer, provides premium quality products to over 21 million customers. Likewise, Teejay prides itself in consistently producing innovative and high quality products. This mutual commitment to superior quality has nurtured a successful, long-term relationship.

Marks & Spencer’s garment manufacturers have a strong rapport with Teejay, understanding the importance of working with a reliable and professional fabric mill to deliver a quality product.

In 2000, Teejay moved its manufacturing base from the UK to Sri Lanka in order to cope with the growing demand from UK retailers and manufacturers for high quality products in the competitive market place.

Teejay participates in all major initiatives introduced by Marks & Spencer, often spearheading them. We are proud to have been a part of the acclaimed Fair Trade project, and we are introducing BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton across M&S’ ladies outerwear, lingerie and menswear departments.

Our efforts in sustainability initiatives in partnering Marks & Spencer are helping them to achieve their goal of becoming a carbon neutral retailer by 2012 and becoming the world’s most sustainable major retailer by 2015. Teejay, as one of M&S’ top knit suppliers, is working hard to improve its environmental status, and has been rewarded with numerous accolades from both customers and international institutions.

Teejay is committed to innovation driven by fast paced design changes. Our environmentally conscious Research and Development teams have channeled their energies towards working with customers to develop an eco-friendly range of cellulose fibre products for nightwear, underwear and ladies outerwear.

Marks & Spencer’s planned international expansion programme aims to attain sales of £1 billion by 2013/14. Teejay’s own expansion programme in Sri Lanka will highlight the dynamism and foresight of the company in recognising opportunities internationally.
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