Success Stories
The Teejay-Intimissimi success story began in 2005. In a few years, this world-renowned Italian retailer has become one of Teejay’s most strategic partners, sourcing a significantly large volume of material each month.

At present, TJ provides fabric for the Intimissimi range of men and women’s intimates and outerwear, as well as for Tezenis Kids wear.

Sri Lanka is an important hub for Calzedonia SPA, the parent company of Intimissimi and Tezenis. Recognising Calzedonia's need for a fabric supplier to support its brands' weft knit requirements, Teejay stepped in. Driven by a mutual dedication to superior quality and service, TJ and Intimissimi established a strategic, cross functional team.

The relationship is built on openness, flexibility and deep understanding. Our team has always been committed to delivering the best of quality and customer service to maintain a symbiotic business relationship.

In the future, we aim to become Calzedonia’s fashion solutions provider for the region. The trust we have nurtured over the years binds customer and supplier as one family in pursuit of quality.
  Success Stories
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