Work Culture Potential
It is the Passion for 'Execution' and 'Success' that is the driving force behind the culture and ethics of Teejay.
By removing barriers to succeed and achieve, we have been able to harness the strength of innovation.
We believe that every individual, with the right attitude has infinite potential and once nurtured can deliver extraordinary results.
We consider the intention rather than the incident, tolerating failure where the intent is to succeed. This has encouraged a culture of experimentation, which in turn drives creativity and innovation.
From planning to raw material procurement, manufacturing and quality testing, a skilled workforce drives Teejay's manufacturing operations through the 21st century.

Our strong spirit and family bond have been established on a foundation of core values which we treasure. Protection of our team members and their families is a priority which has developed great loyalty and trust amongst the workforce. Our employees, the driving force of Teejay are provided with comforts and amenities. Transport is provided for staff living in distant towns, while medical facilities and a spacious cafeteria are employee benefits. Executive level personnel are provided on-site accommodation complete with a TV lounge and gymnasium.
Every effort is made to maintain optimal health and safety standards. Teejay recently received the National Industrial Safety Award for exemplary Health and Safety Standards.

The Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) was introduced to develop leadership, commitment and partnership amongst our Associates. The Committee has proved a major asset to the organization with Members' dedication to both self-development and the continued advancement of Teejay is benchmarked in Employee Relations across the country.

It is this passion that has brought the team together to put forward the challenging Company Strategic Initiative of making Teejay "The No.01 Fabric Solutions Partner in South Asia"

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